What Customers Say About Us

Thank you for delivering the appointment cards on the day we ran out. I really admire great customer service. I know we are just a small account.
James Tillotson

We received the presentations about an hour ago! They are great! Thank you so much. Our management team is very impressed. I was proud to have our presentations sitting next to other company presentations.
Megan Brown

This is my fourth time to use your services. Everyone at Minuteman has been very courteous and seems to really care about my needs. This is a rare trait. I don to recall any other business so effective and so aware of the needs of the customer.
Dean Turner

Thanks for having such a great team at Minuteman. They always do great work and Casey is an awesome addition. She is so on top of things. It is wonderful to work with people who service their clients like I would mine.
Lisa Cavet

Thanks, you guys rock. This was about 13 steps shorter than my previous experience with my other printer. Holy smokes…
Kathi Fowler

Wow! Talk about customer service—you’ve got it, that’s for sure. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work. I will spread the word about the excellent customer service you and Minuteman provide.
Minyon Levels

Bill, Thanks for your involvement with the PCMA/NSA-NT Showcase. The printing was wonderful! Could not have done it without you!
Linda Swindling CSP

I got the cards yesterday as I was heading out the door on my trip. Thank you so much for pulling off that miracle for me. They look GREAT!! Thanks for all your help.
Candice Kohl

Just want to say a big “THANK YOU!!! You are wonderful and have really gone out of your way to assist us. Your customer service is fantastic and I thank you, again for going the extra mile!!!!
Elizabeth Helbing

We got them!! They are gorgeous…it looks like the menu is printed on the cardboard!!!! Thanks for everything you do, you guys are completely amazing.
Diane Warner

I want to thank you for the delivery through the snow to the church. The church was without electricity and heat until Sunday evening. Thanks for your special delivery and your team’s special efforts for us.
Rozanne Veeser

I wanted to tell you thank you for all you do for our office. Your staff is outstanding. Your customer service is top notch, your quality is unbelievable. In the three years we have been using you, you have never once let me down. You are an asset to our practice and because we use you we stand taller than our competitors! Thanks for making our image look so good.
Carlene Altom

Thanks for doing such a beautiful job on my printing. Everything looks great and was delivered quickly. Please thank your staff for me.
Leslie Flanery

We received our printing yesterday and everyone was so EXCITED! It all looks so professional and tryuly adds to our image! You guys are AWESOME!!
Jeffreys Barrett, NHA

The letterhead and envelopes were delivered yesterday, and they are absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so much-this is such a relief to have professional letterhead and logos for our facility. Our old stuff was an embarrassment. Thanks for all your help through this process.

John C. Rau, LNHA