Networking Tools

Tools for Networkers

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Tools include notecards, business cards, note pads, and a book on networking.

Bob Burg Style Notecards

Although Bob Burg is not involved with us nor does he benefit in any way from the sale of these cards, our admiration for his "creation" of this style of card for networking leads us to name them for him.

You can learn more about this master of referral marketing and networking at Click on the image of the card to learn more.

Business Cards

Every networker needs business cards and we are experts at printing them. Prices start at $25 for 250 cards. You will find us competitive with any internet source if you don't want someone else's logo on your card and you don't want to wait two weeks to get them. Send us your file and get a quick quote on just what you want.

Memo/scratch pads

This memo pad fits in a number 10 letter size mailing envelope. You probably have them for your business with your logo printed with your return address. It is a great "item of value" to send to a prospect you are nurturing or a referral resource you want to stay in touch with. Also great to leave after a visit or a cold call.

Send your head shot and your logo using the "send a file" function and we will get you a quote. Printed in black ink, the cost is reasonable. Usually the pad, the envelope and postage are under a dollar! A pretty inexpensive option.

Fill Your Stands with Lifelong Fans Book

This book, written by Bill Lynch, offers a philosophy of life based on the networking process of "Adding Value to the Lives of Others." It makes the case that taking this servant leadership approach to life can lead to business and personal success. Whether you are new to networking or an old pro, there is much to learn here. The price of $25.00 includes shipping and sales tax. Click on the image of the cover to order the book. Click on the link below to read the first chapter free.

Read the First Chapter of Bill's Book Free!

Read The First Chapter Free